There are approximately 4 million registered nurses in the US. We’ have seen this number countless times in the last two years during the pandemic while the world was reminded that nurses are superheroes, and they risk their lives every day to care for others. Nurses and healthcare workers have been collectively dedicating their lives for patient care for centuries. Modern Nursing has been around since the mid-19th century, really starting with Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War. We have seen numerous innovations in the healthcare industry and exponential growth in quality of care since then, and the grit of nurses has persisted. Nurses are ingenious, and we see this manifest every day in health care facilities nationwide. They are patient’s first point of contact and provide continuous care throughout the healing process. When they come across a problem, they find or create innovative solutions with the available resources to provide adequate patient care.


With nearly 4 times as many nurses than doctors, the question arises: Why do we see most innovations in healthcare focused solely towards Cardiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, and other physicians while innovation in nursing care is predominantly overlooked? If there are so many nurses in the healthcare industry, and we should truly value their dedication and contribution, why aren’t nurses given equal opportunities in assisting or in adopting novel technologies to enhance patient comfort? Why aren’t nurses main point of contact for sales representatives or why aren’t product rollouts focused towards the nursing community if they are more hands-on with patient care?


Consure Medical is a nurse and patient centric healthcare innovation company, that focuses on developing novel technologies to minimize nursing burden and allowing them to provide superior standard of care while minimizing the highly growing associated cost. After deliberating with our on-ground nursing heroes and champions for years, we have developed a suite of incontinence management products that directly address key nursing pain points.


Qora Aeon Stool Management Kit is the first and only fecal management sysFMS that does not rely on the archaic balloon technology. Balloon catheters have been the only option for indwelling catheters since decades. A high-pressure balloon causes patient discomfort and trauma that may lead to severe clinical complications. Qora also employs the first ever applicator insertion mechanism that makes deploying Stool Management Kits hygienic and accurate for the nurses and safe for the patients. It also enables fastest fluid delivery on the market and offers features like a charcoal filtered gas release valve, stool sample port, and ant-reflux valve. These may seem like nuance attributes to some, but these features are those nurses have been asking for decades.


QiVi, the Male External Catheter, offers similar solutions for Urinary Incontinence management to nurses. Sizing the anatomy and stocking multiple sized catheters have been major challenges with Condom/Sheath Catheters. They are also inefficacious on difficult/retracted anatomies. QiVi is a closed system and has a universal fit design. The pouch fits snugly over the anatomy and a derma friendly silicone-based adhesive adheres the device at the suprapubic region. This ensures the device provides superior performance on even retracted or inverted anatomies.


Our products are made with nurses in mind to provide them with a superior alternative. Inefficacious solutions not only provide inferior standard of care and increase the nursing burden, it also creates clinical and economical complications. Our incontinence management product-line reduces infection spread by working as closed systems. We see significant decrease in skin breakdown IAD, CAUTI, HAPI, and MDRPI rates within a short span of product adoption.


We want to provide solutions for nurses and patients, who aren’t traditionally prioritized in the hierarchy of business practices. But isn’t it time for a change? Innovation is hard, but invention is harder. We want to reinvent the healthcare industry and finally provide solutions to latent needs.


Now, we don’t just want to pat ourselves on the back for being nurse centric. The improved outcomes for nurses and patients are reward enough. But we want to share some key principles our product development team follows to deliver novel, and cost-effective solutions.

  1. We gather product feedback, shortcomings of existing solutions, nurses’ ingenious ideas, patient stories, management directive, and intel from CDC, FDA guidelines.

Nurse Innovations
When creating products, we put on our engineering, design, polymers, electronics, business, and grit together and develop solutions that address both latent clinical needs and nurse pain points. We aren’t in this industry to monetize nursing or patient outcomes. we want a product that works.

  1. We create intuitive training modules so they can train their teammates easily keeping their busy schedules in mind.

    Nurse Device Training Modules Simple and Fast

    Intuitive training modules

We simplify the training modules – so that their team can be trained easily and product use can be standardized. We provide free trials of our products to make it easier for nurses to adopt new technologies. We in-service more than 80% of the nursing team, if not a 100%, at the time of implementation. Our sales reps are available throughout the product adoption and use to assist in any challenges the nursing team faces. And above all we partner with them and shoulder as many responsibilities that we can take to ensure they meet their patient care objectives and organizational (institutional) quality and cost metrics.

  1. Nurses are well aware about their hospital, level of care, and patient needs. We appreciate their dedication, inputs, and their contribution to patient care.

    Available solutions for fecal management

Incontinence Management Products for Medical Purposes

Best Incontinence Management products by Consure Medical

We appreciate their contributions to patient outcomes, and make that known during every interaction. Nurses are on the frontline of providing patient care Be patient, acknowledge what they’re doing and how busy they are. Make it known that we are offering more than just a product.

We at Consure Medical aim to provide solutions for nurses and patients, who aren’t traditionally prioritized in the hierarchy of business practices. But isn’t it time for a change? Innovation is hard, but invention is harder. We want to reinvent the healthcare industry and provide solutions to these latent needs we have seen for centuries.

Author – Katie Davidson

On behalf of Consure Medical

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