Benefits of suction based external catheters now at home, hospice, and other long term care facilities

QiVi Automated Urine Management device uses vacuum to collect urine output diverted from an external catheter.

Superior patient comfort
Minimal manual interventions
accurate output measurement

Reduces Nursing Burden

Eliminating the need for changing sheets, frequent turning and repositioning of the patients; reduces the risk of backache and injuries

Improves Clinical Outcomes

Proactive urine diversion keeps the anatomy dry. Reduced wetness minimizes the incidence of UTI and hospital readmission rates

Provides Accurate Output

Automated Urine Management diverts urine in real time, provides accurate output

UI Management needs in Long Term Acute Care

About 62% of long term patients experience urinary incontinence


UI Management is associated with substantial staff burden. CNAs spend 56% of their time managing UI needs

Home Care

Among home care residents, about 35% of falls occur while patients try to get to the bathroom


30% of skin infections develop due to UI. To prevent this, nurses have to check underpads & diapers frequently

Keep your patient dry

QiVi urine management devices use special hydrophobic polymers that do not retain moisture. AUM device diverts output in real-time and keep the anatomy dry.

Prevent falls

QiVi urine management devices reduce frequent visits to the bathroom and minimizes associate risk of falls

Sleep better

The low ambient noise and discreet urine collection preserves quality of sleep and enhances patient dignity

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QiVi AUM Bundle for Male and Female patients


QiVi Male External Urine Management
  • Universal fit, works even on retracted anatomy
  • No Leakage
  • Superior comfort than condom catheters


QiVi Female External Urine Management
  • First truly external female urine management device
  • Skin-friendly adhesive
  • Prevents injuries

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