Nurses are routinely challenged by resources, infections & complications

Inappropriate Solutions increase
  • LOS by 5-22 days
  • Multiple comorbidities and increase mortality by 7%
  • CMS penalties
We collaborated with nurses like you to develop
a novel portfolio of incontinence solutions for
acute, sub-acute and chronic patients

Stool management kit

For your critical care
patients that require manual
intervention and more
Fast Medication & fluid
Stool sampling
First non balloon Stool
Management Kit
Calibrated radial pressure
Works on atonic sphincter
Hygienic and
Accurate Applicator
Medication delivery
enema, and FMT compatible
End-to-end malodor

Male External Urine Management Device

When you don’t want to use
a Foley catheter.
99.6% accurate output
One size fits all
Even on retracted penis!
No absorbents, vacuum locks 99.6% accurate output measurement

External pouch eliminates CAUTI

Adequate microclimate and flow enhancing material keeps the anatomy dry; No IAD

Multiple suction vents that enables patient to rest in various positions i.e., supine, lateral, seated

Cranial Suction tubes prevent MDRPIs

Male External Urine Management Device for LTC

3.5M sub-acute and chronic patients
require management of Urinary
Output across the continuum of care
but don’t have access to wall-suction
Prevents readmissions by minimizing
One size fits all for comfortable and
compassionate care
Silicone based adhesive less
than 30 seconds to apply

No absorbents; skin is always dry. 99.6% accurate output measurement

Compatible with most drainage bags

Universal Fit Design

Easy visualization for urine output

Female External Urine Management Device

First truly external female urine management solution that provides you accurate output measurement

No necrosis on the labia

Cranial Suction tube prevents MDRPIs

Multiple suction vents that enable patients to rest in various positions ie supine, lateral, seated

Adequate microclimate and flow enhancing material keeps the anatomy dry; No IAD

External pouch eliminates CAUTI